Saint-Martin is a beautiful Caribbean island with many beaches and many other great spots to visit. RIB boats are an excellent way to explore. Our rental RIBs come in 2 sizes for 6 persons up to 8 people, so there’s something for everyone!

This post will give you 5 reasons why you should rent a RIB boat during your vacations on Saint-Martin.

1. Enjoy the elements: Caribbean turquoise sea, Breeze, Sand and Sun

The sound of waves crashing on a shore, the smell in your nose from salty air, and warmth on skin… These are some of the reasons why you will love riding your dinghy around SXM island.

Your choice: If you’re looking for a fast-paced, adrenaline pumping adventure then the thrill ride of your choice is meant just right. If on the other hand you prefer to take it easy while appreciating all that surrounds you; why not slow down and admire how beautiful nature can be on Saint Martin / Sint Maarten island?

2. Freedom at the Captain’s fingertips

Whether your own a Licence or hire a skipper (contact us if you need help), you’re free to go!

If you want to have a memorable trip, then don’t just stay on land. Experience life at sea in an island paradise and feel the wind in your hair before landing on soft powder sand or take advantage of the beautiful beaches that stretch as far into Saint Martin and Anguilla’s coast lines.

All this can be found from Anse Marcel in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten where there are endless opportunities for adventure waiting around every corner:

  • Breaking waves;
  • Lazying under palm trees in confidential Happy bay;
  • Visiting the picturesque capitals of Marigot and Philipsburg and enjoy their colourful markets;
  • Tasting local food at “Lolo” beach shacks in Grand Case bay;
  • Spotting landing planes above mythical Maho Bay;
    and so much more!

3. Having a blast with your friends or family on board of your RIB

RIB boats allow you to visit islands with all your friends or family, from 6 to 8 people. Whether you are interested in fun family adventures or an exhilarating ride with your closest friends, renting a RIB boat is the perfect solution.

Also what better way to spend a special day with your loved one or maybe your anniversary. You may want to go from place-to-place as desired, just enjoying each other’s company!

The two different types of RIB rental boats that we offer are perfect for any need, depending on your destination and number of passengers, or maybe the engine power you desire. Whether you’re looking to take a romantic day trip or have your family or group of friends with some space, each model suits its needs and ensures an enjoyable experience!

4. Discover secret places on SXM and Anguilla islands

What if we go for authentic, original places that tourists don’t visit as often on our beautiful Caribbean islands? here are some of the best secret spots:

  • Lovers’ beach near Pointe Arago is the smallest beach on the French side of Saint Martin, near Marigot. it is the smallest and most secluded of all beaches in this Caribbean paradise, so named because it can only accommodate two people at once.
  • The wildness of Happy Bay is one reason why it’s so beautiful. The island has preserved its authentic qualities, with some shade available for picnics here as well. It is located near Grand case in French Saint Martin.
  • Tintamarre island is a hidden, lush haven north east of SXM. Part of the Saint Martin National Nature Reserve, it covers nearly 100 hectares. This surprising uninhabited island sheds ruins from an airstrip, a cotton farm as well as of small railway tracks! You might even be able to spot dolphins and turtles around.
  • Geneve Bay in Sint Maarten offers crystal clear waters and pristine natural seawater pools that will make you feel like your in the middle of nowhere.
  • In Anguilla, the Road Salt Pond is a prime location for birdwatching (herons, egrets and stilts), behind Sandy Ground village.
  • Island Harbour, the fishermen’s village on the North East side of Anguilla offers a lovely scenary with colored fishing boats.
  • Dog Island is a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It has two large ponds, sandy beaches with low cliffs. You could spend all day watching seabirds soar overhead, spotting lizards or fearl goats, and soaking sun on the lovely beaches.

5. No hassle & traffic jams

Saint Martin is a small island, and there is one main road going around. This often means traffic jams at peak hours. Are you hoping to visit several places without fighting with the crowd? Riding your own RIB boat is a great solution.

SXM IBC RIB rental will provide you with all of the necessary boat equipment and safety gear, so there’s no need for any other boat extras – Just bring your own stuff for the day!

Our boats are equipped with a retractable table for your picnic, drinks or snacks.